Friday, 11 March 2016

Changing trends in fashion towards the plus

 In the 80s the fashion was having skinny models dress up in trendy clothes so that they can look good and society as a whole with teenage girls all around, used to try to emulate those models and also try to be like them as much as possible. With the absence of TV or any other activities other than sports and physical exercises, these teenage girls had no choice but to exert themselves physically to look just like role models. In such a case, the main sizes in the shirts were regular and very few people bough plus size clothes.

However, since we moved past the 90s, the lifestyle of teenager has become more and more sedentary with more options for junk food, less exercise, more shows on satellite TV and almost every commodity being operable through an app from the comfort of your phone, rather than actually getting up and going somewhere. Even socializing is something teens do on the phone today, and as a result they don’t really have much of a physical life and tend on gaining weight soon. It has reached a point where America actually treats obesity like a disease thanks to its large contribution to heart risk and cholesterol.

What you need to know is that if you’re in such a situation and looking to get out, you can do one of a hundred different things from proper diet to rigorous exercise. But while you’re at it, you can just as much indulge in plus size womens clothing and make sure that you don’t fall back on looking good just because you’ve gained a little weight. In fact, plus size clothing is the entire trend these days with many people turning towards it. This has lead to an increase of the same, and with the World Wide Web coming up you can now browse online. 

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